Every other Saturday we hold our "Art Therapy Programme" together with the Tygerberg Art School. Today my niece had the opportunity to take part in it as part of her training - getting involved in all of A Reaching Hands programmes.

We attract children in an extremely poverty-stricken community with an unemployment rate of over 60%.  They get to paint and express their feelings and just be kids for a day. The children also get a home-cooked meal, which for many is only meal for the day; in addition they get a fruit and a candy bar.  The day begins with breathing and stretching exercises so that the children learn to focus and are able to concentrate.

Today the children cut and decorated birds that were then pasted onto a "tree".  I spent most of my time with the little boy in the first picture working on his fine motor skills. It was his first time ever getting that "exercise".

--- We are about to run out of art supply -  please consider donating towards this amazing programme. A huge thank you to all our awesome volunteers  who set every other Saturday aside for these 60 plus children. Some of the results of the children's creativity you will be able to buy in the form of cards that will be sold in Sweden, U.S. and South Africa. More info coming later ---

Warm regards and thank you for taking time to read this.
Karin Hoole