It was last week, Thursday morning when I made a call to our soup kitchen and sewing ladies to check when they will be doing their end-of-year party. It's a big thing in the community, celebrating the survival of the year! It turns out I was in luck and it was happening that very day. I decided to pop in and said I would be there in the afternoon. I had some special goodies and gifts for them anyway. When I arrived after 2pm there was a small little barbecue on the go in the backyard.  I walked into the sewing room and found them all quietly waiting for me to join them.  I was so touched!!! The table normally used for cutting was now the dining table and beautifully decorated with the best dining set which Lenie brought from home for the occasion. Lovely barbecue and yummy salads were enjoyed with beautiful conversation. Such wonderful women! I was even more moved with Lenie and some of the ladies gave a special thanks to A Reaching Hand.

This is what Lenie said, "Bev we would like to thank you and A Reaching Hand for coming into our lives and making such a difference in our lives and our community. Over the 12years so many people have come and gone and made promises, empty promises, because no one ever stayed to help us. But this time we were lucky when A Reaching Hand came, because you have stayed and you stuck with us during this year. Bev you have no idea what this means to us - we thank you and Karin and Charlene from the bottom of our hearts, it means so much to us, thank you!" I was very touched.

It was time for me to leave so I handed over gifts for them and all their grandkids, around 30kids.  They did not expect this so was very surprised and all so thankful. When I took out the envelope I had for each one of them, their eyes went very big because they knew what that was.  In these communities, when you get an envelope you know it's cash in there; that's when the tears just rolled down there cheeks.  I was again reminded that even if it seems so little to us, it can mean so much and the world to them.  I am so happy that we met these women and look forward to another year supporting them, and another, and another; because that's how we roll.

Our beautiful women! Thanks to all of you who are making it possible to give hope to the lives of these ladies and their families and the community. 

"A drop of rain is insignificant, but together we can make a river.  Let's continue ensuring they can celebrate life.