We had such a lovely day last week with the Teletubbies from the kindergarten we support in Uitsig. One of the poorest communities in Cape Town. They don't often leave the community, and some of them never do, so this was a big day for them and they were filled with excitement!   So when I arrived at 10am, our planned time to meet, they were already waiting and ready for action :)  We found a lovely spot right next to the pool, so we could keep a close eye on them. Within minutes they were in the pool, in and out all day long.

I ran off before 12pm to collect their pizza, which was sponsored by Balducci in the Waterfront. Thank you Balducci and Belynda, the wife of the owner, who arranged this treat for them.  Of course they also had lots of other yummy sweet treats, like all kids enjoy!

Here on the pictures you can see the great FUN we had.  Thanks to all of you who are making it possible to give hope to the lives of these lovely kids and their families. 

"A drop of rain is insignificant, but together we can make a river".  Let's continue ensuring they can celebrate life!