A Reaching Hand Newsletter - May 2016

We bring to you our latest Newsletter!

As always, we want to share with you what we are doing and how little things can make a big difference!

We have redesigned our website www.areachinghand.com especially for those of you who have not been able to visit us to experience first hand how your support has benefitted our people, especially the women and children who struggle every day to make ends meet. We want to share with you our small successes through personal stories from the beneficiaries themselves.

We continue to feed the children at the educare centres that we support; find employment for our women, young and old, who depend on government grants to support their families; and invest in the education of our children and youth ensuring that as the future generation they will be the ones to make the difference.

Thank you to those who have been assisting us loyally over the years, every little bit helps! We appreciate whatever it is you are able to give, be it your time, goods or financially. Please spread the word by sharing our Newsletter with your friends and family, or anyone who may be interested in supporting vulnerable children in South Africa!

"A drop of rain is insignificant, but together we can make a river”