We are so proud of the group of women who made these beautiful cushion covers. We have supported these women since the beginning of 2016. The women are from a very poor community in Scottsdene. There are many women who are the sole breadwinners for their families, and many of them are ill-educated or unskilled. So far many of these cushion covers have been bought by our visitors. All the proceeds of these sales goes towards skills development of the unemployed women in these impoverished communities.

One of our focuses this year would be to RAISE FUNDS for our skills development programme (teaching sewing skills) and to buy sewing machines for unemployed women in poor communities. The cost of a basic sewing machine would be around 1800 ZAR. Money they unfortunately do not have.

A sewing machine is one of the simplest and most effective resources to give to a poor woman to help empower her to earn a respectable living as a seamstress, and support her family to rise out of poverty. It gives the women a daily salary to enable them to buy food, pay bills, take their children to school and buy other necessities for their families. Especially those who are single parents. To you and I, a sewing machine might mean the occasional mending of clothes, but to a woman and her family somewhere, it is a powerful weapon against poverty.

Your contribution would go a long way towards skills development of unemployed women.  www.areachinghand.com/donate

Another way to contribute: Become a Virtual Fundraiser by sharing our post on your personal FB Page and broadening the circle of fundraisers. You can make a remarkable difference!