It is that time of the year again, when our children and youth are preparing themselves to start the new school year. Yet some of them will go to school dressed in shirts, skirts and trousers that have been stitched and mended so often that one often wonders what keeps it together, the material of the clothing or the cotton used for mending.

Fortunately, at the primary school in Smutsville which A Reaching Hand has adopted, this year almost each of the 650 children will receive at least one new school uniform item that they will be proud to wear.

Once again we thank you, our generous and supportive donors for your continued support in making this possible - the difference you make to the lives of these children is beyond anything you can imagine.

Here are some pictures taken with Karin Hoole and the children who are excited about the clothing they will be receiving this year!

Your contribution goes a long way towards keeping a child in school. A full school uniform including shoes costs on average R500 per child.  *  www.areachinghand.com/donate  *