Today was the day when we, Beverley and myself brought 30 kids on a picnic to the "Two Oceans Aquarium". Amazing fun to see the children's faces when we got in!  The children were from the Teletubbies crèche in Uitsig that we support and some older children from our Art Therapy Programme in Delft. When the children arrived at the Aquarium, many of them were nervous and tense.  They each got a name tag with a phone number and a bag of snacks. Their nervousness passed quickly and they started playing like never before in the playground outside until our guide came to meet us. He showed us around and we get to see the feeding of the turtles and the eels by a diver who went down to feed them!  Were the kids very impressed? Definitely Yes! 

We had a great day together, even though we were totally exhausted by the evening.  It is harder than you think to take care of 30 over-excited children. We spent a few hours at the Aquarium and ate pizzas afterwards. All the kids were so happy and tired when it was time to go home again!

Thank you all of you who have supported us and for your contribution so that we could do this for the kids, the happiness in their eyes was indescribable and worth every Krone.

We had such FUN!!!! A day they will always remember.  It brought us such joy to our hearts to see their little faces!