Thabile, another one of our rising stars who has just graduated from the University of Johannesburg, has proven once again that anyone can rise above their circumstances if they are given the opportunity to do so. 

Thabile started her university studies in 2014 and thanks to her sponsor Ingemar, A Reaching Hand and her caring family members, she was able to achieve her dream and become the first person in her family to have ever gotten a degree.   She worked hard to show her gratitude and that she was worthy of our support. 

This is what she said when she informed us that she had graduated " that I've graduated, I feel different... the feeling is unexplainable.  Someone said to me, 'yeah Thabile now you are not just any other lady, you have a degree.'  There are no words that can express my gratitude.  Thank you very much Ingemar and A Reaching Hand.”

As Thabile steps out into a sometimes scary world, we wish her strength in her determination to embark on a career for herself, knowing that we at A Reaching Hand have given her the greatest gift of education as a stable foundation for her life ahead.

Congratulations Thabile, Bravo!

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