It warmed my heart to see this leaping picture of Zawadi on Facebook this week. It was posted by Noula, her foster mom since June 2016. One of those real life stories with a happy ending that restores our faith in humankind, makes us feel like we are doing something right! 

Here is a direct transcription of an audio recording with Colleen of Colleens Place of Hope in Mitchell’s Plain - A safe house and Orphanage for Children and Youth where Zawadi stayed for 4 years. The audio was recorded on 7 June 2016 at the magistrates court, the day when Noula and her husband Donald had to meet with the judge to approve the fostering of Zawadi. It was a day filled with emotions, happy and sad! 

"Zawadi came to my place in 2012. Her uncle and a friend brought her and demanded that I take care of her because her mother had left. They had heard of Colleen’s Place of Hope and thought it perfect for Zawadi. He said he can't take care of Zawadi because he is a man and Zawadi needs a mother figure. At that time I could not take in any more kids, but I could not turn them away. She was wet and needed a wash. After the wash I decided that I would keep her even though I did not know what would happen to me as the social services threatened to close down my place due to me having too many children - but I could not leave her with the guys. It was not easy with Social Services and all the rules. She was two and a half when she came to me. Zawadi is just awesome, she is so amazing! I just love Zawadi and it was so easy to love her, because she was just an easy child. In the beginning she was struggling to pronounce words because she came from a community that spoke a difference language, but soon she was doing good. Zawadi is doing well and she is healthy".

There can never be enough words to thank Colleen for having taken such good care of Zawadi and all the other kids she took into her caring home. Thank you Noula and Donald for giving Zawadi such a loving home. And, they have made an application to adopt Zawadi. We are keeping our fingers crossed! 

And this is why we do what we do… because together we can!