It’s still midyear school holiday in Cape Town and our Art Class yesterday was jam packed. At first we were not sure how we would manage, but it turned out to be quite a successful day. We also shared the Dot and Frank Colouring Story book with the younger ones. Thank you 3 Helping Hands! The kids were so excited and started colouring immediately and loved the care packages! 
We ended the day with Felicias' yummy healthy food, which everybody loved and appreciated.

We thank you all for your donations, which makes it possible for us to provide a space where the children can feel safe and be creative. 
We support creative art because art supports the physical, social, cognitive, emotional, imagination and experiential development of a child. 
Thank you to Joshua and Terry (art teachers) for all the hours you put in to help us make this a happy place :)

PS: Liam took some video footage which we will share with you in the very near future :) watch this space!