A group of 18 Caregivers who work at the three local Alzheimer’s Homes in Sedgefield have been enjoying a change in their routine for the past three months. These Caregivers are deeply caring people who choose to lovingly care for other people. Their compassion and selfless dedication inspired Charlene to nurture their caregiving skills by engaging them in an online Caregiving Course. Every two weeks, since 18 April, they have been attending a workshop on Caregiving which Charlene has been facilitating. These workshops have given them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding of how best to care for Alzheimer sufferers.

At the end of their course A Reaching Hand will present them with an accredited Certificate on Caregiving at a graduation ceremony to be held at the end of the month. Below are the excited Caregivers, very proud to be a part of this skills development opportunity! Next week another 18 Caregivers will be given the chance to benefit from this course.