Today we have been on an outing with the Teletubbies kindergarten kids. The kindergarten with the bulletproof container. First we went to a farm which is a horse rescue centre and the kids were encouraged to pat the horses. Just the drive there was an adventure. The kids sang and screamed out everything they saw, a mountain, flowers, the beach! They were so excited!

When we got to the horse farm the baboons had come down from the mountains so the kids had to be with an adult all the time, as the baboons can be aggressive and are known to take little kids and run away with them. 

The farm also had ostriches that we went to check out and the children were afraid that the "birds" would fly over the fence. 

Because of the baboons we could not eat there, so we went to eat our hamburgers elsewhere. We then decided to go to the beach! The children have never been to the beach or seen the sea (except on our way there), so it was a perfect opportunity to go and have our lunch there. After lunch, the children ripped off their shoes, almost in a panic to run down and feel the sand and water.

There were many wet clothes, but their laughter, excitement and singing about them being on the beach was absolutely fantastic to see. When we went home everyone was completely exhausted and fell asleep in the car 🧡💛💚