Written by Karin Hoole, Founder of A Reaching Hand 

I am a lucky mother of three children. They are between the ages of 14 and 16 years old. I also consider myself very fortunate to have over a 100 children in the Cape Town townships who also call me mom or auntie. Some of whom I have weekly contact with. I want to share with you the heart warming message below, I received from one of them. Her name is Andiswa. We met in 2009. I managed to find her somewhere to live and work. Since then, she got a degree and her career path in the security industry has progressed steadily due to her excellent performance. I am very proud of her! 

There are so many ways we can give. Often the most valuable way is to acknowledge each other. We all want to be seen and heard. 

Letter from Andiswa:
I Love you mom. Remember I am who I am because of you. You've made me so strong and you encouraged me about life at that time when we first met at your home in Claremont. You didn't know me and you first asked me "WHO ARE YOU. WHAT DO YOU WANT. WHAT DO YOU HAVE. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU.” I remember at that time I almost killed myself, but God sent you and you changed my mindset by telling me "IT CAN BE DARK NOW, BUT THERE IS A LIGHT. Stand up and do something about your life, whatever it is but do something.” Mom, you’ve made a big change in my whole entire life. TODAY I AM A WOMAN WHO CAN ENCOURAGE OTHERS WHO WANT TO GIVE UP, AND TELL THEM THERE IS STILL LIFE. THANK YOU MOM.