I am so proud to be a part of our dynamic A REACHING HAND Team! Yesterday we launched our music programme at a school in a very poor community in Cape Town. A community where there are few opportunities for kids to engage in instrumental music education. Thanks to Megan (a teenager) and one of 3 Helping Hands, who wrote the music recorder book and fundraised her own funds to pay for the printing and the recorders. Megan you are a true inspiration to us! The kids LOVE the bright recorders! We have a wonderful music teacher who lives in this community and is passionate about empowering our youth with this beautiful skill. The programme will kick off with 12 learners and hopefully soon we will be able to grow more funds to enrich and reach more learners. Music is such a powerful universal language and it can inspire, encourage and transform lives in a positive way â€

Thank you also to Colin and Yasmin who came to share (in a kids way) how to access your inner peace #PauseForPeace

We remain thankful to all our sponsors who help us make a difference in the lives of those living in poverty. 
A drop of rain is insignificant, but together we can make a river...