I would like to salut my niece Louise for dedicating her annual holiday to come down to Cape Town to volunteer for A Reaching Hand. She also spent a month prior to her visit raising money for one of our kindergartens, Teletubbies.

"Today I've had a meeting with Big Box Containers company, who will build the kindergarten! I looked at different containers to see how they would look when it's finished. It was great to be part of deciding where I wanted the windows, the door and what color it should be! I think it was only when I sat there and decided all this that I understood what we had achieved! It was so awesome! We had collected money for a bulletproof kindergarten! It's absolutely amazing, (Due to gangsterism in the area this has become a very sad necessity).

I have now placed our order and they will start building it at the end of October to be delivered to Teletubbies at the end of December. Then Leonie can decorate and furnish it before they open again after Christmas holidays. Imagine the children's faces when they come back!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, all of you amazing people who have helped. I am so grateful that I am surrounded by you all. We will be really proud that there will soon be a bulletproof kindergarten in one of the worst townships in Cape Town. The kids will have a safe place to be and it's thanks to you! "

Here's an example of a container, floors are wooden. You can see that there are windows (on this only 2, we shall have 4 to get as much light as possible, ceiling lamps, electricity sockets and a security door. It's amazing what they can do with a used container!


Today was the day when we, Beverley and myself brought 30 kids on a picnic to the "Two Oceans Aquarium". Amazing fun to see the children's faces when we got in!  The children were from the Teletubbies crèche in Uitsig that we support and some older children from our Art Therapy Programme in Delft. When the children arrived at the Aquarium, many of them were nervous and tense.  They each got a name tag with a phone number and a bag of snacks. Their nervousness passed quickly and they started playing like never before in the playground outside until our guide came to meet us. He showed us around and we get to see the feeding of the turtles and the eels by a diver who went down to feed them!  Were the kids very impressed? Definitely Yes! 

We had a great day together, even though we were totally exhausted by the evening.  It is harder than you think to take care of 30 over-excited children. We spent a few hours at the Aquarium and ate pizzas afterwards. All the kids were so happy and tired when it was time to go home again!

Thank you all of you who have supported us and for your contribution so that we could do this for the kids, the happiness in their eyes was indescribable and worth every Krone.

We had such FUN!!!! A day they will always remember.  It brought us such joy to our hearts to see their little faces!


A heartfelt Thank you to Kambua International for its generous donation. Funds raised through a golf tournament at Bro Hof golf club in Stockholm Sweden. It allows us to continue our important work supporting the most vulnerable in the townships outside Cape Town; through nutrition, education and employment.


"Louise Persson from Gothenburg, Sweden, will be visiting South Africa for the fifth time this October. Prior to the trip, she collected money to build a bulletproof kindergarten in one of Cape Town's townships.

"It hurts so badly that it's even necessary," she says.

Louise Persson traveled to South Africa for the first time in 2009 to visit her aunt.
"I went to the townships and saw how people were living. That's where it started”, she says.

In October, she will make her fifth trip to the country. She works as a volunteer for "A Reaching Hand", started by her aunt in 2010. Last year Louise collected money for food for a school, this time her collection goes to a kindergarten in Cape Town.

"It is located in a township controlled by gangsters. The kindergarten has been directly affected by shootings. We will collect money for a new building and the cheapest and most effective is to rebuild a container. There will be windows, walls, doors and ventilation added.

How does it feel that a bulletproof kindergarten is needed?

"I almost do not know what to say, it hurts so badly in my heart. At the last shooting, they said that the children had sat down on the ground and put their fingers to their mouth to be silent. When I heard about it I just broke down." 

For safety reasons, Louise will not be able to visit the children in the daycare. However, some of the money will go towards her taking them for an outing. During her weeks in the country, she will also visit the organization's other projects and help where it is needed.

"It will be busy weeks," she says.

You've been to South Africa five times, what makes you go back?

The people. As I leave, it feels like I leave half my heart behind. I feel fullfilled and at home. The work is incredibly rewarding, I really see that it is useful, the gratitude and happiness of them is priceless.

At the time of writing, the collection is approximately 24,000 kronor. Louise will continue to raise money until she travels on October 3."

At the time of this Facebook posting, Louise has arrived in South Africa and is extremely grateful to have raised a total of 52.500 SEK from all your generous donations.